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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boo Hiss

Last night I had a sneaky tinker with the mic/Reaper hiss problem I have. Quick recap: recording using my Sony condenser mic through other digital recording applications I get a nice clean, bright signal with no noise. Recording through Reaper, the sound quality is noticably degraded, with quite a lot of hiss. I tried pressing most of the buttons I could think of in the DAW but to no avail. I'm the first to admit that I DO NOT UNDERSTAND much of what goes on in Reaper. I'm still a novice user, really.

Having done a bit more internet research I think I've come up with two more things I can try. First off, to try and fix the problem at the source (again), I'm going to have a go at varying the sample rate. Apparently, it the mic and DAW's sampling rates are out of whack, this can cause a degredation in sound quality.

I'm hoping that option works (but I'm not hopeful). It makes sense that this is a potential cause, but...

If I can't fix the source then I'm going to have a go at using ReaFIR, a VST plug-in which supposedly includes a good noise-reduction tool. If that works then at least I'll be able to record something acoustically. Ironically, recording Red isn't so much as a problem, as the signal to noise ratio is very signal heavy when you rock out!

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